Sunday, 21 October 2007

My Microwave, Groovy Grandparents, Poole Party(?) and an "Earthquack Explanation"...

I need to write an official thingie for apologising for lack of updates, don't I? Save me a ton of time. Well, imagine I've done it already, and save us all the tedious procedure!

This last couple of weeks, because I've had to completely wipe my OS (Operating System) my friends have rallied round for me finding freebies to replace the stuff I lost. Nige discovered all six Harry Potter books in PDF format for me, dozens more refilled my MSN gifs (and sent me a few new ones!), and wonderful, WONDERFUL mate Gaz has just sent me "River Below" by Billy Talent. I LOVE that song, it rocks my purple and black stripy knee high socks off! (Thankees, owe ya one boyo)

Oh, and I have a question for you. How is it, when you've spent too long in bed, you get all hot and sticky, but your feet are FREEZING?! (Or is that just me?)

My grandparents turned up yesterday, which was nice. With a microwave as a surprise gift for me, which was nice too! We went out, got lost, had a big breakfasty/brunch thing in a Weatherspoons, got lot, walked around the city for a while, and then spent some time watching a busking showman. He was very good actually, roping in audiences and performing some fascinating feats; his grand finale was riding on a ten foot unicycle and juggling fire clubs! (and scaring the audience by pretending to fall off)

Ow, soddit! I pulled a label off this holdall, and the elastic snapped back with a wire loop on it, and cracked me across the knuckle! I seem to have wound up in Poole of all places. Oh, SCORE! I was rummaging in one of the cupboards (as you do in hotels, and yes, there is a Bible) and have just discovered freebie biscuits! There are marmalade ones (I think I'll save those until I'm really hungry) and chocolate chunk with pecan. Needless to say, I'm halfway through snarfing that one. Crunchy! Oooh, better yet - I've just discovered there's two in each packet! I'm having a good day for freebies, Nan and grandad insisted on taking me to the train station this morning (saving on busfare) and getting brunch at Morrisons on the way. And Nan gave me one of her hash browns. Thanks, I love hash browns!

Australians have a whole new way of thinking to us "Pommies" here in the UK. This is BNAlbino "tidying up". I told you, you've been lucky to get away with it for this long, because I promised you that I'd put it up... Perhaps their famous "Bundaberg Rum" makes things appear that way? Alright, alright, in fairness, this was when he'd only just started.

But still very funny - that stack's taller than HIM.

And isn't it always the case that it has to get worse before it gets better?

Actually, it's probably a good job I do have a microwave now, it's so much easier to quickly cook something, and to find some can-be-ar*ed-to with a microwave. Well, you know what I mean, you can't be bothered to faff around with pots and pans when you're only cooking for yourself.

I'll explain: most nights I get in from work tired. Back home, I'd normally eat about 6pm, which is great. Here, Dave does the cooking and we all pay a share (and I wash up while Kat's supposed to dry), which is fair. However, most of the time, he doesn't cook until about 10pm.

By which time, I've gone past being hungry, and gone to bed instead. (Thank goodness for large lunches) Now, he's got grumpy because I don't eat what he's cooked (although I sometimes have time for it as breakfast, and have been known to come home from work and eat it cold, as I'm hungry WHEN I GET HOME FROM WORK). This is understandable, but I do pay for it even if I don't eat it, and more often than not HE eats it whilst I'm at work anyway. Anyway, the sum of this all is, he refuses to cook for me now. That's ok, I refuse to wash up, because none of it's mine, and I'm not washing up at 11 at night when they've had their dinner. But if that's all the quarrel is, it can't be too bad.

And I said I'd give a public apology to Kat; whilst I was away, some of the bugs that Kyle eats got out. This has never happened before, and I'm very surprised it did. I can only apologise. But, (and this is just explaining, not taking at you, I already told you the same remember) they are a whole lot cleaner, less smelly, and don't bite like crickets. They also haven't got downstairs, unlike the cricket's ability to jump all the way down (I found one in your shoe one time) and they're not NOISY. (I had a big cricket singing under my bed at nights for nearly a week before I managed to catch it. They're a bit fast.) And my chufftastic sketch of Kyle in a leash - Kat designed the leash and I think it's very clever, works lovely!

And what's an "Earthquack" anyway? Thank you Mike, for a very good laugh. Oh, apparently it's one of Duckzilla's superpowers when he gets a n g r y.

My calculator has also started singing a waltz at me at 8pm every night. I've got used to it, as I haven't figured it out yet, and so just thump my bag instead. That seems to stop it.

"When the wise man shows the moon to the idiot, the idiot stares at the finger." - Frenchman Will. He claims it's an old French Proverb. I just like it for it's sense of perspective.

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