Saturday, 22 September 2007

Nice Noodles, Nasty Nicole and Naughty Nige!

Nige of the awesome quotes has decided that he should start a blog too, and I recommend it. Do note, it does contain swearing and all other manner of vulgarity. A Lincoln Stoner's Life. Nige always has... unique perspective on life. Oh. I'm going to MASH him. He's stolen my quote-idea! Excuse me a moment, I'm off to go grumble in a corner.

Right, sorry about that.

I hear today someone I seriously don't like (and has done bad things to my friends) sent me an apology.

My response was somewhat classical of my style: "Nicole can go stuff herself up a stuffing palmtree with a stuffed bright pink pigeon and a citrus fruit!"

Toned down for my younger viewers. Yes, I'm looking at you guys. And those with the younger mental ages - fill it in for yourself. And the person the grater-roll belongs to, let me know and I'll reference you. I just thought it was great.

When we went out for dinner, I got asked "Are you a vegetarian?" I'd gone for the tofu dish you see. To answer your question; no, not by choice - I just had the *coughs* fortune to be sat between two vegetarians. But I have to admit, yasai itame is pretty good! That's stir fried bok choi, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tofu and beansprouts with massively chunky rice noodles in a chili and coconut something. It's kind of like a soup. That you eat with chopsticks. Makes hell of a mess, I can tell you, woo slippery noodles, great fun! I gotta tell you though, fudge cake with a dark chocolate wasabi sauce, that's very different.

I took my dragon out with me last night, my housemates thought it would be a great idea - so we took him with us to the pub. Dragon was perfectly happy to settle down and sleep for both of the three mile walks, and was happy to run around on the clean pub table. He's made several new friends, including the barman himself. Apparently beer flavoured fingers are pretty tasty. I wouldn't know - he licked them, not me. But then again, the dragon licks socks.

Today's Quote: "About bl**dy time, miss your ramblings!" - Remaining Anon for safety reasons.

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