Friday, 7 September 2007

Disappeared Dragon!?

Oh I feel silly again.
Every morning when I wake up, I go over to the Dragonarium, switch the heatlamp on and stroke his head to say good morning.
But he wasn't asleep on his flexi-branch this time.
I twisted my head a bit to look round the tank better, and I still couldn't see him.
That's not right.

So I slid the door open, and popped his flexibranch on the carpet. I lifted out his hut, checked it over, and put that on the carpet too. Slowly, beginning to worry, I took out his plastic vines, checked them through, and dropped them on top of the hut. Now starting to panic (where the heck has he gone?!) I took out the herbs in quick succession, and he wasn't in ANY of them. I even pulled out the newspaper to make sure he hadn't climbed between sheets and got stuck - and I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. I stuck my head in to look round, and nothing. By this time I'm cross, and start putting things back so I can go to the housemates "Ok, not funny, give him back."

At which point I picked up the flexibranch to put it back in the front of the tank... And the little guy blinked at me. What the?! YOU weren't there before! "So?" But...??? I SWEAR, the little toerag was laughing at me. He was NOT on the branch! He's sat on it now, still chuckling away to himself.

I'm not feeding him crickets any more. They're slow, smelly (however much you feed them) and he's sticking his nose up at them now, in preference to the lobster roaches I breed. I'm watching him as I type - he's just taken a big mouthful out of his mint plant, and is now trying to do the same with his plastic vine leaves. He's given up on that, and gone back to the mint - and taken a flying leap into the middle of it. Mmmm, minty-fresh dragon! (Makes him smell good!)

The axolotls aren't at their brightest at the moment either. They've been having a great time trashing the tank again, knocking the "ice cubes" all over, trying to attack me (what sweet little beasties) and having staring competitions.

Spyyk, in the picture, couldn't be bothered to move, even when a shrimp pooped all over his head. I don't know which is worse - Spyyk for proudly wearing it, or Benny, for trying to eat it. Uck.

Today's quote: "Maybe she got trapped in a cabinet" - Vince Noir, the Mighty Boosh.


  1. ha ha.... bloody camouflage dragon... its not his fault! oh.... I clicked the next blog button at the top of the page and found this.... its entitled "first time fisting" (never knew you were into that ;p) anywho.... cya xx

  2. Next blog is nothing to do with me Nige, those are randomly picked by the site. Thanks for pointing that out. *raises an eyebrow*

    Dragon's a sweet little thing really.


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