Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Crumbs, Catch-up!

The days have really been getting away with me. It's not so much been busy, as I've been doing stuff!

Today I spent two hours (from walking in from work at five until seven) out on the front in the sunshine with Kuleana, soaking up some sunshine and getting acquainted with some of the locals. I've made friends with a little boy called Matthew. He makes a real mangle of "Kuleana" - I couldn't work out the written version if I tried every day for the next year, but it was manglemanglemanglemangle-ANA! Bless him. His mum was amused anyway, and he was delited at being able to hold the baby lizard. He ate a mint leaf today too, I saw him! At last!

Yesterday was super-awesome-cool though, I had a good day at work, finally got my internet access (which is where I started typing this up today - please note, my views are not the views of the company and all that yada), I came home, spent an hour in the garden playing with the dragon (he's still paranoid about birds), and discovered I had some post! A good friend of mine very kindly sent me all three series of Doctor Who on DVD (Sorry TD, they don't work...), and I got a postcard from my friend in Australia, predictably with a koala bear on the front. It made me laugh. Better yet, I also got half a cookie from my housemates! Yum, I like cookies!

Quote for Yesterday: "He looked like a spider monkey." - Aaron.

Monday was a corker too, didn't do much at work, got home and discovered I had some post! My brother and sister sent me some Butter Tablet from Scotland. Yum, I like Butter Tablet! Butter Tablet does not go well with salt and vinegar crisps however. I discovered this quite by accident earlier today. I also caught the giant cricket that had been hiding under my bed and chirping loudly late at night. Kuleana enjoyed eating that monster, it put up a good fight. I don't mind crickets in their box singing quietly to each other, but get a loose one and they SHOUT to be heard. REEP-CHIRP-REET-CHIP!

Monday's quote: "mind you shopship?" - SD Sam (Your guess is as good as mine...)

Saturday, my Flexi-Branches arrived from my friend Angela (she's clearing out some old herping stock, so I grabbed two for the price of one). The dragon REALLY likes his. I wake up in the morning and switch his heat lamp on, he's flaked out along the highest point fast asleep. I come home in the evening, and he's sat at the top of the branch looking at me. I know he comes off it sometimes, his herbs have been thoroughly jumped on, and there's the little pile of dragon dung for me to get rid of. But he clearly climbs back up. Snake likes hers too, she's knocked it over twice, and I found her draped asleep on it when I left for work this morning. Like some sort of scaly tinsel. My axolotls were being weird too - I noticed Benny (the yellow one) stood in the middle of the tank looking up. I followed his line of sight, and discovered Spyyk just hangin' about.

Quote of the day: "We went to a small retirement group this morning and discovered it doesn't start till next month!" - My Nan.

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