Friday, 31 August 2007

Bottles, Bounces and Breakfast.

I have decided what I shall ask from my father for Christmas when he asks me this year. Because I always get something completely different from what I ask for, I thought I'd save him the effort and ask for something completely different. So, Dad, I'd like a Klein Bottle this year. No, that's nothing to do with perfume or alcohol, it's a three dimensional glass representation of a mathematical puzzle. And I really would like one. I've been reading Superstring theory in my spare time, and Moebius strips intrigue me.

I think there may be one of the dragon's crickets loose in my room too - I can hear it, but I can't find it. The dragon himself has been very affectionate and lively today, after a big meal and an hour of snooze-time, he was hopping about like a flea on caffeine. What really tickles me though, every time he sproings off somewhere, he checks if it's ok, looks back at me. He took a flying leap off my leg, onto the duvet, charged my foot, licked my sock, then ran off down the bed. I was most amused. Been licked so frequently today that I feel quite clean! But I stroked the top of his head for him, he loves that. Silly beast.

Did I mention I love flexitime? I woke up all badly this morning, and managed to set off with no breakfast. Rolling through the gates of the complex at eight, I decided I was hungry. A rummage in a pocket discovered a hole, and through the hole there was, mercifully, some spare change. So I thought "Stuff it." and had breakfast in the cafeteria. Parked up my bike and got into the office at eight thirty and there was no-one there anyway. So I then went to sleep at my desk for the next hour to rest off the big greasy meal. I can't get into the cabinets until someone turns up, and I had nothing better to do. Oh well, it's on my timesheet. I wonder if anyone will notice? Talking of breakfast, the pancake artist is back with another fine submission. Yeah, thanks for that, it's very... uh... pancakey.

Quote of the day: "My computer just quacked! Eeek!" - Housemate Dave (No, I don't know why it quacked either.)

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