Sunday, 12 August 2007

Beardie Baby!

My dragon is basking, my axolotls are asleep, my hermits are getting to know each other and my newts are grumpy because they've been moved. I got no-one to play with!

Oh, sorry. Didn't I mention that my bearded dragon arrived today? Kuleana. It's Hawaiian, and means privilege with responsibility. He's about eleven weeks old now, bred by my reptile and amphibian specialist friend, Rick. (By the way, if you want any sort of unusual pet, livefoods, equipment etc, do email him: - he really is VERY good. And keeps all sorts of bizarre pets as well as his breeding stock) Kuley is only a few inches long as you can see, and is living in style in a three foot vivarium. He'll grow into it, and in the mean time, he really likes running about and playing with things. And he ate six or seven micro crickets. (Again, supplied for a very fair price from Rick of Rick's Reptiles.) But I have got the viv all set up, and all the foods, so big thanks to Rickeezee, he's a star!

A quote today: "There is a second bottle in the fridge... but my fridge is quite a long way from your mouth." - CL

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