Friday, 24 August 2007

Complicated Civil Service Circles

Wow, you blink, and it's Friday already! I haven't even had time to grab any photos the last few days, it's been a bit busy...

I have to say, I do like my new job, especially now it's picked up. And the Flexitime rules. It was a glorious sunny day yesterday, so I used some of my extra hours I'm owed to go home at three thirty. Spent a long time sat in the garden with Kuleana (he doesn't like pidgeons either) and pottered a bit, which was nice.

Dealt with an argument that's been going on for some days on a forum I work for. Blooming ridiculous, but the admin team have sneaking suspicions of what's going on. Why is it the admin that get it in the neck? I had nothing to do with it, and got grumped at for it. Silly really. It's a case of, you manage to untie one thread, then another member hops in and makes a mess of the bit you already straightened. Frustrating, but between us, working as a team finally, we've bust this thing.

Yesterday was quiet - Eden pooped all down my bed (thanks). I only washed the duvet cover day before yesterday. Oh well, will have to clean it again. Worked like a dervish to go round in complicated civil service circles, trying to find forms, filling out forms, getting forms checked by three people, correcting them, getting them checked by third person, sending them off, getting them back, correcting them - and so on. Finally got the order requisitioned.

This film took my by surprise. It's called "SPIN". If you do anything good today, check it out and think about it.

Quote of the day: "Your face and my backside could be twins" - from a terrible t-shirt.

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