Sunday, 26 August 2007

Chilled, Computers, Cooking and Cider.

Having discovered a rather powerful Movie Processing package on my laptop (it came as part of the free bundle, sweet) I have spent the best part of the afternoon learning how to make it work without instructions.

Spent another peaceful afternoon with Kuleana, we had a walk round the house as he sat on my shoulder, and he's busy bouncing from leaf to leaf now. Every time he peeps out of the glass front, (he pops his head over the ledge, and holds it with his fore-paws) I go to get him out - hopefully it'll train him to "ask to play".

Sat and watched Layer Cake too - not sure I think much to it, but it was worth watching.

I'm still trying to persuade YouTube to upload it, it ain't nothin' fancy, but I should be able to do some nice stuff later on, now I know how to use it. Aha - after much poking and processing, I have managed to get it to consider thinking about maybe letting me upload...

I have to laugh - a friend of mine, Samir, doesn't drink - and his landlord brought him a rather large bottle of cider. So this morning, I got a message, do we want it? Well, I'm an ex student, and my housemates are Uni-students, so we're not about to turn down free alcohol.
I nearly died laughing when he handed it over - smart, sensible Samir... Well, look at the image for yourself. It's now sat on our sideboard whilst we decide whether it's safe to drink. If I go missing for more than a week, please call my Uncle Steve, he's an undertaker.
Turns out I'm not best fond on Fennel Bake either. I mean, fennel is lovely as a flavouring, but I think trying to eat a whole heart of one is a bit much. The cheese and garlic and onion and tomato was really good though, and the trifle was certainly good enough. I adore custard. I need to look into investing in a good recipe book - any suggestions? I really like simple foods, and I REALLY like Italian food, and I really REALLY like not having to wash thiry-bazillion pots, pans and assorted utensils. Any ideas, leave it in Comments for me, thanks.

Alrighty, it do work! Now, stick your 'phones on, whack up the volume, kick back and close your eyes... I have to admire Nige's fusion skills. Muse doesn't hit him often, but when it does - it does. Nige mate, looking forwards to the next one - I have more audio-samples when you're ready.

Quote for the day: "Monkey see, monkey want to do..." - BJO'P

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