Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Delicious Doughnut!

Little guy is doing just great, he's cheeky and FAST on his toes. I nipped out to wash his salad, gone perhaps five minutes, and GLOMP - twelve crickets gone before I even got back! I mixed him a romaine and lamb's lettuce salad, which he looked at, licked once, and then ran away from. He's hiding somewhere in the leaves. Oh, he goes "boing" to his veiwers!

Oooh, a random doughnut! Awesome! Doughnuts are always good, but one presented when you don't expect it - that's close enough to heaven. (I really like doughnuts.) Woah, nostalgia moment from the tasty treat: Flying kites on the beach and tucking into icecreams with my family. Mum, if you're reading this - I'm going to go fly my kite on the fields this Sunday, weather permitting. Give the kids a hug from me, yeah? Thanks.

Tea-jockey at work, and slowly read through the operating manuals for the databases. On paper, they sound really rather efficient (and long winded) - but having seen them work... They have a tendency to "fall over" as the boss says. The rain pounded down so hard, our cardboard office was roaring with sound and the floor vibrated! Thank goodness for Flexitime, I left at four, biked home like mad, and screeched into the hall just as the heavens opened up with a BOOM. Spectacular lightning. If I'd've left at five as normal, I'd be sat here soaked to the skin.

Sorry, I was just watching one of my lobster roaches walking the sheer side of the tank. Another thanks to Rick (a superb supplier of herping stuff, animals and equip: for teaching me the trick to keep 'em in. A thin layer of vaseline, about two inches wide, all round the inside top of the tank - they can't get their feet to grip through it. Nice one! - perhaps not suitable for under 18s, but very funny. (Thanks Brett!)

Today's quote: "You know you're a stoner when you get a random guy whom you've never met ringing you up and offering to sell you some gear..." - Nige


  1. Why, thank you! It's just my usual outpour of chuff every couple of days or so. It's been a bit busy of late, but I'm catching up now.

  2. Ha Ha I make the quote of the day again!!! *starts to get suspicious of Ibf and beleives she could be stalking himself*


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