Friday, 17 August 2007

Crabitat Coir Complications.

Well, the Crabitat is shaping up nicely - it's not finished yet, but when I'm done, I'll take a photo as I release the new occupants. Got myself completely covered in sand trying to wash it, and realised a bit too late that I shouldn't have worn a white shirt. However, the coir is dealing with excess moisture in the sand, and will make it soft but firm to dig in. I'll give it another hour, and then I'll soak the remaining dry coir, and mix it all properly.

Ah, an hour has passed, and I'm coated in gritty mud! Lovely! Hmm. I tried to rub it off - it just moves and stays stuck. Apparently coir has an almost glue-like quality I hadn't expected... Oh bother - try to rinse it off, and the unexpanded leftovers just slide and expand.

And the blu-tac dragon... I got bored at work. Blu-tac, the ultimate tool in procrastination! But I do finally have computer clearance.

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