Wednesday, 1 August 2007

I've just done him another dish of greens, he's got sweet lettuce, soft dandelion, parsley and finely chopped carrot today. Because he's so small, and his viv is so large, I pop him into a box with his dinner and bugs - but today, he was in a mean temper. I mean, he openly threatened me with wide mouth and everything! Well. I'm not having bad attitude from my animals. So I took advantage of his open mush, and popped a bit of dandelion leaf in it. He was a bit surprised I can tell you, but he's eaten it, and not given me any more aggression. Strange little animal. I imagine he'll eventually associate me picking him up with food, but at the moment he's very skittish, so I'm going to hop in the shower and leave him to eat.

Kuley's eaten some of the bugs, and possibly nibbled on his salad, so I let him back out. After a kamikaze dive off my hand (my quick reflexes saved him from hurting himself, whipped my other hand under his belly) he chilled out a bit. I went to pop him back in, but he walked up my arm. Ok, you can sit on my shirt for a bit, sure. After a few minutes, I tried again. He happily walked down my hand and leaped onto his hut.

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