Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Busfares, Baths and Bauer

That was a waste of busfares (nearly £4!)... I got to my interview, but my interviewer didn't! Ah well, I got to show off my CV to one of the other bosses, and have relisted my interview for tomorrow instead, so all is not lost. Although, this is slightly inconvenient, as I think it conflicts with my OTHER appointment to sort out paperwork, but Murphy's Law says it's going to mess up anyway, so can't worry! Got lots of paperwork arrived in post, so I'm struggling through all the red tape that's insisting on hanging me upsidedown from the light fittings.

When I got home, I ended up going back out again when more of Dave's mates turned up. We ended up going to town to drop off some parcels, I found an old fashioned fudge makers (complete with copper heaters and marble topped table) where I bought some VERY expensive but extremely nice orange chocolate fudge. Took me a while to work out how to eat it - pull a bit off, and it crumbles, leaving you smelling pleasantly of oranges, but covered in dodgy brown patches. After a few minutes of trying to lick these off, I just bit into the fudge - problem solved! (It was GOOOOO-OD, and I still got covered!)

I'm still trying to work out why someone rang me up and asked for "Angela", well, that's not me, and the other two don't even start with an "A".

Aye, ended up being charged £11 to look round a Roman swimming pool. But it was very interesting, lots of water, and wet stones to look at, and some algae. The hidden spring was bubbling away merrily, making it surprisingly warm (about 46C!). They'd found scrolls of lead and pewter at the bottom of the spring; little curses that locals of old had thrown in, in the hopes that the goddess that kept the spring would heed them. And then I came face to face with the goddess, Minerva, protector of Bath's Bath. Ooer. At least she was locked in a case.

As always, I nearly got lost when everyone wandered off without me, and my sense of direction proved itself non-existant. (I keep trusting it, and it keeps lying to me.)

Completely nuts, people are throwing NOTES into the shrine. There's all manner of currency in there (and as expected, a LOT of American Dollars), so I added a couple of my own coins too, because I could. Well, I gave some to the others, and we all lobbed one in. Tristan tried to skim his (it sunk), Vicky (sensibly) just hurled hers, and I spun mine - it went in with a loud "BLOP". I'm very proud.

Big shout to my mate Brett, ta for the music! (Here's the YouTube version - Bauer, Connected. Enjoy! It's WELL worth buying their singles, they're a class band; more on Bauer later.)

Agh, I burned my tongue! Noodle soup VERY hot, and great fun trying to eat soup with chopsticks!

"I'm stretching my eyelashes. Oh, and she should get out of bed earlier, then she wouldnt be Russian..." - Red, commenting on one of my housemates.

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  1. Cracking site IBF, I like the video lol, but interesting read, will have to have a proper read later on as there is a lot of information on here.

    Anyway hope your not still in bed, lol well it is the weekend. Anyway enjoy your time, and i will leave you with a quote a wise man said once.
    "If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.”


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