Monday, 2 July 2007

Worrying Wonderings...

Well, it's the little things that worry you most.

Like - why DO clouds stay up? That's a whole LOT of water...
What if the strings of the universe decide to play a note? I mean, you don't listen to the same track for millions of years, do you? And if ghosts are real, there's a whole lot of people that will get bovine haunted shoes. How scary would THAT be?

Oh aye, but these are the things that keep me up at night; I regularly get woken by irrelevancies, like how to spell "Synagogue", shouting it at three am and scaring myself silly because there's a loud noise!

Bearing in mind, I'm the eldest child of the same person who lost a rolling pin for a year, only to discover it in with the wrapping paper... And I put the phone in the fridge not long back. Couldn't find it for AGES.

My animals are worse, Spyyk does the "I'm not tooouuuching" thing to wake me up in a morning. He sits and STARES like he's trying to do some psychic thing until it wakes me up. I go "What?" and he just smirks at me. I throw a pillow at him. And he smirks some more.

Even the BUDGIE is completely insane, panics at her own feathers, goes to sleep, falls off her perch, panics and slams into the side... She'll attack humans, but cowers away from a blade of grass.

And my pet swan mussel likes to scare the shrimps by "huffing" at them. His name's Medallion.

Quote of the Day: "When asked for advice "Don't wet yourself in public" is not what they were looking for..." - Shroom.

VERY silly video - made me laugh

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