Sunday, 8 July 2007

Dillo Doo Doo :S

Had a fascinating discussion with my friend today. He keeps some VERY strange pets.

He said to me, having just returned to the PC "The armadillos have taken to pooing just inside the door. So when i open it, i stand in it."

Understandably, I laughed myself silly. I also suggested he bought some slippers.

"yuk no way"

This confused me, perhaps he was responding to an earlier comment. Yuk at slippers, fine standing in 'dillo crap?! I told him he's WEIRD.

"i am, yes"

Oh well. Can't say much to that really. This is one of his two pet 'dillos.

It's either Shirley or Dave, I can't remember which. He's also trying to breed them, so good luck, and can't wait to see a wee 'dillie!

Quote of the day: "My cat is sleeping. -_- he always sleeps unless he's hungry, or thirsty, or horny. Last one he usually goes outside. Well - where else would he find female cats?" - E. Nederlander

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