Sunday, 22 July 2007

Travel, Trials and Thanks

Another ridiculously long car journey... A four and a half hour trip, so google maps says, from my home town to my new one. You go figure why it took over NINE hours.

Actually, I'll tell you. It's because for some reason (and bless her, I do love her to bits) my grandmother despises motorways, so we have to take A and B roads all the time. Oh, and the Fiesta when loaded isn't happy going up and down all these hills at anything over 40mph. Oh, and the atlas we have is over TEN YEARS out of date. Seriously. We ended up stuck in one place for over an hour. Which would have been fine, I was happy in my headphones (and asleep as it turns out) until the shouting started. I don't do well at being woken.

Mind you, needed the sleep as it had been a long day yesterday too.
Visited my father, and peace is restored there, so am happy with that. Got home, attacked some more packing and was amazed yet again at the amount of chutter I have (Why do I need several hundred glass marbles???) Finally got to bed after dismantling newt tank about 1.30 am. Filter on other tank buzzed at 2am. Fixed it. It buzzed at 2.30 am. Fixed it. Loaches woke up at 3, and played splashy thuddy games for the next half hour or so...

When I went to visit in the morning, my mother introduced me to a family tradition I didn't know about. Just as I was leaving to set off to my new house, she stopped me, ran into the kitchen, then the living room, and came back. "Call me supersticious, but you need these!" Yup, that's a KFC pack of salt, a vanilla scented tea-light, and a tub-thing of some sort of dairy-product "with non-dairy fats" proudly embazoned on the top. Turns out it's symbollic - the salt is so we always have food, the milk so we have drink, and the candle so we always have heat and light. Thanks Mum, a bit wierd, but I really appreciate it! (They're safely tucked away in one of my stackaboxes) My housemates thought it very quaint, but liked the idea too.

Wagh, I leaned too far back and fell off my bedchair. Nertz. Sorry about that. Probably my signal to sleep...

"I flushed my hands and washed the toilet" - DBG

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