Monday, 16 July 2007

Assorted Arthropods

Me, my brother and my younger sister went for a walk on Sunday, up some muddy track and hills - woo, more hills, just what I needed - Bath is one BIG hill... We ended up passing the the time trying (without much success) to keep/catch up with my stepfather by counting what we could see. Which was mostly grass (bit hard to count) or bugs.

I will point out it had been raining somewhat. We counted 161 various slugs and snails, much to my delight! We normally get brown slugs, but these look more like half-sucked liquorice, and anywhere up to four inches long. The snails came in all kinds of varieties, my sister liked the chocolatey-mahogany coloured one, whereas my brother and I liked the cream ones with a black stripe.

My family has taken another turn for the insane, renaming yet more foodstuffs. So far we have "Cow's Turd" - custard. "Toffee Lumpy Bum" - this was Toffee Lumpy Bumpy, until a waitress left the blackboard at our table and my mother edited it. Now we have "Fecal Fart" - Treacle tart. Delightful, I'm sure.

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