Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sneaky Surfer!

Aha! I have sneaked online in the Bath University Library (which is superb, might I add).

It's been... manic! Correction, it still IS manic. The axolotls didn't like the 250 mile journey, but have stopped sulking at me finally. My housemates are great, I have to say, so big thanks to them for only being mildly insane! :P

I've got to run, just dashed off a few urgent emails, (and sent my CV off to yet another company) but don't worry, I'm taking some photos! There's some VERY pretty stuff here - it's a glorious city.

Take care, have fun!

Quote for the day: "My gods, it bends in the middle!" - Me. About the bendy buses.

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