Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Cheese, Cupboard-hunting and Cycling...

(Actually 25th July, Weds)

Here I am, merrily reading a pirated PDF copy of the new Harry Potter (Yes, I know pirating is wrong, but I was emailed it, and I'm poor, so there.) at 9am, and realised it was too quiet. Turns out everyone vanished off to the University about an hour back.

My housemate got internet access at the library there, and slung me a message: Can you go look for a plastic tub like the one in the freezer but under the sink? And wash it? And find my keys? (And a shout to Graham for the random cheese!)

Okay. So I went to look for it. Having pulled everything out of the cupboard in the end, I decided it wasn't in there. Turned up in the cupboard the OTHER end of the kitchen. So I washed it, and the other couple of pots, and popped it on her bike. (She wants me to run the bike down to a garden centre with the tub y'see.)And then had to find the key for the lock - which turned up down the side of her bed...

I set off to the garden centre, and WHOOOO that's a hill. I put the brakes on because I was going FAR too fast - and I was still going faster than the cars! Got there, and my housemate wasn't. Spent the next fifteen minutes having a leisurely wander about, and regret not taking my camera. I promise I will next time, they had an adult lionfish in full "plumage", and "Captain Jack" - a most STUNNING South American Red Tailed Catfish. He was HUGE. I mean, as long as from my wrist to my shoulder huge. HUGE.

Then I had to go find said housemate, down the way a bit, and we visited the OTHER housemate's flat to go pick some rice up that he'd left behind. Finally got back to the garden centre, and my female housemate decided she needs some sand for her new tanks that are on the way. And I needed a big slab of slate. And she needed some plant pots. And I found a plant I liked. So umm... in the end, there's 25kilos of sand, and my 15kilos of slate, piled on the back of this bike. My laptop case has another couple of kilos of rice in it, the plant pots and the weird curly plant. (Did I mention it was uphill all the way?) But I admire her skills with aquascaping. Click the pic for full size - how about that?!

Talking of tanks, Frankie's new glass box has just arrived. It's a bit grubby, but what can one expect for a tenner and free delivery? When my other stuff turns up, I'll get it set up and talk about it more then. Frank's hiding in a corner of his old tank; I haven't trained him to be a wuss!

Apparently Tofu is acceptable too. Dave did a stirfry, and we were low on chicken, so tofu went in too. Raw tofu is strange, it LOOKS like cream cheese, and feels like very soft, wibbly cream cheese. Stirfried, it takes on the consistency of cheese omelette. Couldn't describe the flavour though... But it appears that I don't mind it.Talking of cheese, another cheesy drawing by my mate. Ta G-Man!

Quote of the day: "Police tried sitting me 'n' the ex down to talk, but by this time I was done crying and was well angry, so I went to hit him with the chair... Oops. Police fella laughed at me!" - Ms K.

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