Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Colours, Cyprinids and Casualties (almost)

I have now some funksome hair. I got the yellow back in, two splashes on front, all back, but got a life-blood red flash done too. Cut a LOT shorter than my usual mess, so can now SEE, huzzah!

Managed to clean and sort enough space to juggle some more fish into my house, so brought my loaches home from my ex's. Erwin and his family are DELIGHTED, they've got lots of sand to dig in, plenty of objects to re-arrange, and clean water with a properly maintained filter. Them whiskers have been everywhere - I thought I'd cleaned my small tank well, but they're good at making a mess.

Mind you, have to laugh. Awkward, stilted conversation as expected, but when the ex opened the front door to get out, it bounced off a pile of shoes and nearly belted in face... It took all my strength to keep a straight face and be concerned.

Quote of the day: "I see no pencils." - Roo

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