Sunday, 1 July 2007

ANTS!? (And Annoyed Axolotl)

Woah. I just went into my room to get my camera chip, came back out, and noticed my doorframe is one big arch of ants!!!

Turns out they're coming in through a gap just under the left-side frame, and going straight up, across, back down, and on into the hallway.

I have NO idea why, except that the heavy rain and flooding has probably forced them from their nest. At least it's only my doorframe they're on, and they don't appear to be anywhere else, so I've dealt with those by scraping off and chucking back out, dosing the area with T-Rex cleaner (for animal enclosures) and pulling up the carpet to get the rest.

Blimey! There's a TUNNEL under my carpet, a hole through my floor! I really dislike killing animals for just being there, but this is ridiculous; there's winged ants walking around my door. Like the whole nest decided my doorframe was a good place to live...

My axolotls and other tanks are now shrouded in sheets to protect them from the powder that's been put down. Spyyk isn't best chuffed about it, so here's a nice photo I can tell him about. Sounds nutty, yes I know, but they like the attention when I stop to natter to them, because it means they have the chance to beg for treats and get fat. Sorry, I'm a real softy at heart!

Well, there was probably more stuff I was going to add, but I've completely forgotten what it is now. Ate too much rhubarb crumble though.

Quote of the day: "You know when you need a really big fart, and you just can't?" - Mum.

Saturday: another day at work. This time next week, it'll be my last day. I'll miss working there I think.

We got out half an hour early, as stock checking is supposed to take three hours (5-8) but I put in two extra hours. Well, working 10-1, there's was no point me going home (takes an hour) and coming back (yup, another hour). Had an extra long dinner break instead and finished my Tom Holt book.

Hit my sales target, and then some, and spent an hour counting chocolate bars. What really gets me is that I tidy the shelves as I count, so that I don't have to go back and re-tidy afterwards. This is wonderfully efficient - but it then means I have to spend the time I saved cleaning up the mess others made when they counted their areas. That sucks.

Quote for the day: "Somehow, I don't think I'll re-eat that carrot." - David (just to annoy: "Dave") G.

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