Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Wireless Woes and Weary from Walking...

It's been nice and quiet so far today. Got up, had a nice shower (not scalding for a change!), munched on a bowl of cereal (and sneaked in some macadamia and dried cranberries) and mooched a bit. Wandered into the city centre, got lost a bit more. I ALWAYS take the wrong turning, I should have learned by now.

But I got to the bank eventually, and had a tussle with the machine on the telephone.
-Machine: "After the tone, please say the number of your choice"
- Me: "One."
- Machine: "I'm sorry, we did not recognise the number you have selected, please try again after the tone."
- Me: "ONE."
- Machine... You get the idea.
- Me: "ONE!!! DAMMIT!"
- Machine: "You have selected one. One moment please."

I still haven't worked the buses out properly either. Last time I got the bus back, I got lost. Well, I got off earlier and schlepped up the hill a bit, and the bus merrily trundled past me. Now, why didn't it go that way last time? Or did it???

Mmmmm, macadamia nuts... why are they such neat hemi-globe shapes?

Hmm, I have a question for my readers - why is it that, even though I paired all my socks when I packed them in my case, I STILL ended up with an odd one when unpacking again!? Perhaps they bred, like odd socks do in the tumble drier? Would make sense, the sun was hot, and the car rattled round a bit, so perfect conditions for sock-breeding... Any sock experts out there?

Wireless still doesn't work. Techie Dave stumped. Apparently another techie friend has now been roped in to come look at it. The chemist, the Russian and the 'phibber couldn't do it, so maybe the engineer can! Still, managing on this cable, helped a friend who for some insane reason has decided to buy an amphiuma... Although did manage to confuse the engineer friend, because we were discussing internet. He's without at the moment, and getting it installed same time as his phone line. I pointed out one big store do a telephone that works like a landline through cable internet, which would have saved him time and money. He misunderstood and thought I said it was a store that did an online service to check if you could HAVE a telephone. I don't know, I thought these people were supposed to be practical...

Quote today: "Can you tell I have a new keyboard?! I can use 's' without having to beat it." - Sharkdude

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