Friday, 27 July 2007

Medicine, Machine-washing, Meats and Moussaka!

This morning, my housemate woke up feeling bad, so I did the errand-running about, as her boyfriend had gone out. (Yes, I'm a soft touch.) Went downstairs, put shoes on, forgot jacket, took shoes off, came back up, got jacket, went downstairs, put shoes on, forgot keys, took shoes off, came back up... Well, got out in the end! Shop for stuff, cornflakes and milk (she wanted some, we had neither), came back, door playing nice today - to realise I had forgotten the cornflakes. Went back out (see rigamarole above, and repeat) and retrieved said 'flakes. Served some up - and then went to chemists. The door was still playing nice.

Anyway, bundled her off to see the doctor, and got simple bits like washing up done, put washing on (see Mum, I'm not too bad at this lark!) with this new natural organic no-nasty ingredients liquid. I think I did it wrong, but washing has come out looking clean, and smells faintly of lemons. Murphy's law though, looks like it's going to rain.

Turns out Frankie likes turkey-ham. Oh well, can't help some creatures. At least he's eating. Didn't give any to the axolotls, because they're fat enough as it is this week. (The photo is Benny.) They've been fed all sorts just lately, they really like my housemate because she gives them scraps from feeding her angelfish.

Introduced to moussaka today as well. That's peculiar stuff, but certainly edible, once I got my head round the concept of baked yogurt. Some interesting combinations of foodstuffs, but it works! Meaty, soft vegetable-y, and sort of cheesy...

Quote of the day: "Say hello to the food for me O_o" - Erkan, on misunderstanding Moussaka...

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