Monday, 30 July 2007

Sainsbury's for Shopping, and Sketch for Showtank

Kane survived the first night, which is a good sign. When I salt-bathed him today (much to his disgust) the wound was clean, fungus free, the bone is a good colour, and the surrounding flesh looking smoother already. He's not eating today, but if he makes it to Thursday, I will have some live food for him (with a bit of luck).

Discovered the local Sainsbury's today, and bought some CHEESE! (Heads-up Gray!)
I miss my mum's tuna bake y'know. Can't use Salut on that, but it's bloomin' good. Worth going home for even... Sainsbury's was great, went for three items, came out with dozens. Well, the mince was half price, and all sorts of usable things... The pic is "Green Park" (taken 1983, thanks to, Sainsbury's bought it and redeveloped, as a grand entrance to their superstore!

Was... interesting on the way there, Dave and I took a shortcut along the river, and discovered a mess of drunks. One stormed straight up to us, "Where's ya tool!?" Now, I'm from a pretty rough town, and even I was confused by this. There's incoherent, and then there's just plain ODD. Probably a silly thing to do, but I laughed at him. And he laughed, and went "Ah, just tuggin' ya." and the others clustered about a bench laughed, so that was ok. Until we got up the steps, and he yelled "Where's ya tool?!" again. And then an obscure threat involving a cucumber, which was downright bizarre. My response: "No ta, prefer my cucumber in a salad."

A quick sketch of an idea for Frankie's new tank - I'm building a self-contained fountain to go in it. Will probably do a different sketch later, when I've decided what looks better. (Because I already don't like parts of it, and I've found more stuff I want to go in it...)

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