Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Wrapping and Wonderment

Wow... It's been a... day. *raises eyebrows*

Sorry, that's a bit vague - let me explain.
Halfway through the morning, I'm happily gift-wrapping at work (call me odd, but I really like gift-wrapping, something very theraputic about a job you can do with your eyes shut, and still end up with an elegant final product)when the phone went. Don't be fooled, this is normal. Anyway, my colleague answered - and it was for ME. Which ISN'T normal. No-one ever calls me at work. It's the Customer Services department, so here's me thinking "Oh no, what's happened..." because they rarely call unless something's gone wrong.

But no - apparently there's been a letter come in from a customer I served, saying how good our branch are, and that I'm "an absolute gem, keeping both daughters agape with interesting Thorntons knowledge" etc etc. (I hope to get a copy of this letter, so will publish it here if I do!) I'm even getting a letter from the Retail Director! I don't ever expect it, but it's nice to be recognised for your work! Made my day that did.

Oh, and by the time I'd finished gift-wrapping the first five boxes (two big, three small) in "Coral" with "Chocolate" paper highlights and gold ribbon (wow, that sounds a wee bit girly!), a bloke came in, and bought the whole lot. Now, I like all my creations to be unique, so I try something new each time - and I guess this customer appreciated the effort. These are some of my signature designs. You can always tell my wrapping, because the edges are folded to near-retentiveness...

On a down note, missed the bus by a couple of minutes, waited around 30 more whilst two more people hid from the rain under the shelter for the same bus... Bus arrived, we stood up to hail it - and the bus kept on going. Believe you me, NOT happy.

There's an incredible sunset going on - I'm going to take a photo - one minute... I think I stuffed up the EV settings on my camera - but it has produced a glorious effect, snapped all the colours out clean and sharp.It looks like there's two sunsets going on, because of the way the light is falling. The "orange" one is the "true" sunset, but I liked the pink/purple going on over the other side.

The big yellow cloud looked pretty cool, and I've also trimmed out my favourite purple bit to zoom in on. It's since turned into a smudgy grey mess sadly, but it looked great for the few seconds I needed to grab my camera and snap it!Call me a bit soft, but I do like nature's wonder - the world outside has a lot to offer. Summer rain (although, I think I might revise that to warm, light summer rain, seeing as all the flooding we've had this year...), fresh cut grass, woodsmoke and wildlife... All good.

See, isn't that just astounding? Really makes you wonder, when you consider the chances of the atmosphere even being there, never mind the possibility of people to look at it... (Sorry, been reading a lot of physics theory lately)

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