Sunday, 29 July 2007

Pheeble 'Phibian, Plants and Preparation.

To keep with the apples theme going on with my newts (Braeburn, Smith and Malus) I've called him Akane, or "Kane" for short. It's a another unusual species, the 'Tokyo Rose', a small to medium sized apple with an attractive bright cherry red fruit color. The juicy, white crisp flesh and sprightly flavor resemble Jonathan, but with even more complex flavor.

I found this poor little fella in a heated aquarium, and as you can see, he's missing a foreleg and severely underweight. Fortunately for him, it's freshly missing, and very clean considering. I went over to one of the assistants, and he was shocked. Gave me the newt there and then, saying he'd tell the boss that he's not going to let him bring in anything else unusual, if the boss won't research it first. He quickly sorted the rest into a colder tank, and I'm dealing with Kane here.

I've given him a salt bath to clean wound and will give him a half dose of aquatic antibacterial in a sand substrated, quarantine tank with some mangrove wood for climbing on. If he recovers, and it heals well, he can go in with my other CFBNs. Wish me luck with him!

Update: I've managed to trick him into thinking two defrosted bloodworms are alive, and he's eaten them!

I managed to get the first part of my dragon garden home too, a nice garden mint, a sweet basil and a parsley plant to go alongside the big chunk of slate. Also, I watched what happened with the sunshine, and moved the slate to the best afternoon patch, by the shed.

Impressively, with all the plants and the injured newt, I also managed to wheel home 25Kilos of yet more sand (comes in VERY useful for tanks) - so I should be able to deck out Frankie's new house, sub-layer my new dragonhouse, and give the axies some more too.

Quote today: Kris - " Now I can't say S's." Me - "Why S's?" Kris - "I got bored on Thursday." Me - "Huh?" Kris - "Got my tongue peirced 'cuz I could." (Bear in mind, Kris is quiet, laid back, and very "English", that's the last thing I expected!

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