Monday, 16 July 2007

Recreation, Resting and Relaxing.

Oh aye, I've been offered another job. Brook's are determined to tell me I'm a banker. Although I did get a call to confirm my details going through to the MOD as well, so pleased with that. £6.27 an hour - that's better than anything I've been paid so far.

Today has been Deeee-liciously quiet. I didn't get up. I then didn't do much. I ate a pomegranate (is that spelt right?), read a book, packed some more stuff, got shocked at the amount of junk I own (why on earth do I need 8 blib-blob ornament things?!), poked around on eBay to find a heat-mat, lightning took out the net, went out and bought some sage and coriander plants, and proceeded to do little else. "Naff all" I believe the term is. And it was GOOOOOOD. 'Bout time I did nothing.

If you're bored (you must be, you're reading THIS!) then take a few minutes to look at this website. Don't try to digest it all at once (unless you're brave and have a strong stomach), just take nibbles, sample it a bit. Clicky here! Steve is a genius, has me laughing for HOURS. Natto - urrrrgh.

Anyway, I'm off to do some energetic mooching.

Quote for the day "He's so sorry he can't even begin to explain, he loves me more than life itself and knows it will be hard, but he's willin to try anything. I said "Try any thing? How about a bungee-jump minus the f**kin'cord..." - Kirsty

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