Monday, 23 July 2007

Savings, Struggling (with technology) and Stalkers...

Looks like I should be getting me a new tank for Frankie. (remember, the Hermit? Look back a week) A nice two foot glass box for £10, free of charge. I've got my grapevine chunk dried out nicely, some bits of mangrove wood, and some funky new shells for him. I should be going to the city centre tomorrow, so will try to find the garden centre to buy some more sand too. I'll take photos on Thursday; all going well, the tank should arrive on Weds evening.

I've been fighting with the wireless router all day. Nice one Mum, your prediction was spot on - it doesn't bloomin' work. Like you, I can get the one across the road (which is no good, sorry whoever it is's - there's about 10 other people around stealing it too. Really slows it down for me...) I'm hardwired into the router which is sodding inconvenient to say the least..

Slept late, which was nice. No tanks to wake me up, or fish to rattle about! Whoo!

I am, however, being stalked by a pidgeon again.

I can't remember if I mentioned it previously, but birds and I don't get on very well - and I'm being stalked by a wood pigeon. I don't know why, but most of the time I look out of the window, she/he (how do you tell the difference?) is there, staring at me. Since I came here the first time, I saw it. When I went back, I wasn't stalked. But now I've come back again - it's stalking me. Don't get me wrong Bird, I'm very flattered, but it's creepy. Go stalk someone else. I don't think you can get court orders against avians...

A shout out to a very good friend of mine: "Oh dear, your shorts fell down. How distracting for you..." I was very amused indeed.

Quote of the day: "If anybody asks you what Industrial music sounds like, tell them it's like a bunch of angry Belgians having a fight with a washing machine..." -lol93,

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