Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday: Finance and Frogs. Thursday: That's All!

Friday, the request for my deposit and first rent came through. Fortunately, my wage also came through, so with what I already stashed away, I'm fine. Haven't paid it yet, as need to discuss it with the letting agency. I should get about half of it back when my contract's up anyway, so I suppose that's not so bad, but it was still a shock to see how much though...

Talking of moving houses, I was sent this link by a friend - it's GREAT. Suggest you have a peep, and a read through some of the others. I just hope MY housemates aren't that loony. (Well, besides wanting to fill their bedroom with play-balls, but his Girlfriend found out about that. And she wants to too!)

I'm tucking into another Tom Holt book I bought yesterday, "Falling Sideways". I'm not regretting buying it, as I like Tom Holt's strange humour, but could still have done with the money more! Whoops. But seriously, if you can grab a Holt, do so.

Had much hilarity with a photo my friend Rick the oddity grower sent me. He swears blind this is as he saw it. That's a frog poop. And THAT is the frog that DID it. Don't ask, I really REALLY don't know.

Quote of the day: "Sometimes I'm scared of toothpaste." - My sister.

Thursday was my last day of college. I'd already handed in all my work to go to the external verifier, so mostly mooched about and did little. I did participate in a viewing of someone else's presentation for feedback and building dolphins (constructive purposes). It was alright, the colour scheme was nice with clouds on blue skies and the sea, very appropriate for the holiday destination, but the text size/font consistency needed working on.

I won a couple of class awards too, carried off the "Wackiest Student" award, and "Funniest Moment". Funniest moment was up against fierce contenders such as a tutor falling off a desk, and the most fashion-conscious girl having put on odd trainers and not realised for the whole day. My nomination was everyone else trying on my bowler hat, with me telling it's history. I'm not sure how that's entirely funny, but they must have enjoyed it... ???

I'm rather pleased, as am going to set up a roach breeding colony when I get to my new house, and the ex has insisted on paying. I've refused repeatedly, but I suppose if others don't listen, then you have to finally accept. Saves me a few quid at any rate, which is good.

Quote for today: "But meh - I'm not a person to like doing things." - Erkan

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