Saturday, 23 June 2007

Drat, Drinks, and someone's Drawing

Hmph. Woken up at 3:45am by ex sending a text, which apparently wasn't for me. Or from the ex, when questioned about it. Not that it matters, I was just VERY cross at being woken so early. And the not being able to get back to kip for an hour, again.

I suppose I won the last round with that one, as got a bit angry when called up about it, a bit terse, sharp, and swore - and now the ex refuses to speak to me until I apologise. I was in process of doing so, when I got a message telling me "You've been a bit of an ass today" - so haven't. Call me childish, but that suits me just fine.

Work was pleasant as ever, sold the BIG box of chocolate with ease, much to my delight, and almost hit quota for bags (which isn't bad, as it's been pretty quiet). So very pleased with that. I really do like working there, it's an easy atmosphere between the staff, and can always have a laugh with management. Little "dramas on the shop floor" seem to make the customers laugh as much as we do.

Missed the first bus on the way home, so nipped to the local and had a Southern Comfort, Lime and Lemonade. I can't remember the last time I had SoCoLL, and it was DELICIOUS. Perfect in the hot weather, crisp and cold - and filled in the time until the next bus just nicely.

*grins happily* Microwave Tagliatelle for tea. Yes, I'm lazy. And no, I don't care :P

From - it amused me much.

Quote of the day: "It may have involved pencils." Rick B

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