Friday, 22 June 2007

Gosh, when did it get to Friday?!

Between work, college, work, tidying up and worrying about moving a coupla' hundred miles, time seems to have escaped me.

Quite honestly, not that much interesting has happened. I've yawned (a lot), sneezed at the air-conditioning at college (a bit) and slept a bit more (but not much more).

Nearly got collared by Sheila on the bus on Wednesday, but spotted her before she got on, so I hid in book and headphones. Sheila is... interesting. She talks. A lot. To anyone. And if no-one listens, to herself. Loudly. Often about her dead husband, the fella she's insisting she'll marry because he goes to the same church (poor guy!) or feeding her cat Henry some carrots for tea. Or yelling at the bus driver, and calling him "Mike" - even when it's not Mike.

Thursday was nice; did little at college in the morning as most of my units are signed off, but the afternoon was pleasantly spent schlepping up and down the town, into the quaint little second-hand bookstore where I found "Bored of the Rings" and another Tom Holt book. Seriously, if you get the chance, indulge in a Holt - they're superb. On my schlepps, I picked up some fresh food for the creatures (which half has already been consumed!) and a food bowl for the newts to eat said food in.

Spent ages trolling the second-hand stores looking for a plain glass, small bowl. The local hospital trust one insisted I could HAVE one, so not complaining. Will be sure to send my next lot of donatables to them, being as I'm consistantly broke! (Well, what little I have spare I'm trying to save - see the comment about moving)

Today was pretty nice. Good weather, short queue in the Post Office (dropped off some parcels to go) and at work in good time. I'm VERY rarely late, but I like to be early so as to catch up with what's going on. The 'lotls were very surprised by breakfast, as they got half of the newts' foods (as it's too much for the newts to consume in one go) so they were happy with me.

*nips through to check on them*

Spyyk is splay-legged and relaxed, and I think Ben's in bed. Peeped in the newt tank; I found Braeburn (one of the newts) but no clue where Smith is again. Probably in an impossibly small gap.

Anyway, REALLY need an early night.

Quote for today: "I can count to 21 when I'm naked"-Beez's Brother

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