Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Tanks and Theories...

Woken up by ferocious cramp in my calf at 4am... By goodness it KILLED - the whole muscle locked into one solid block, and I couldn't put weight on it for about an hour.

Having finally hobbled to college, blasted through the exam and then got released early, so whoop! Makes up for being crippled anyway, heh.

Spent the afternoon finishing off my newt tank, and am pretty happy with it now. All the pumps, pipes and filtration is hidden away into grooves cut into the back-wall, and the fogger is hidden in the fountain. All the land is built on a platform, so that there's more water than it actually looks like, and there are lots of little hideys and caves built in, as well as the big corkbark hide. I think I'm going to build some more "tunnels" down the side of the fountain/landmass, and create little net bags to lift the newts out with. Also re-jigged the Axie tank, they now have a nice new rock to play on/in, moved things round for them to explore, and shuffled the plants round to look tidier. They've had great fun trying to bite me in the meantime, munching on pellets I use to distract them, and sticking their noses on anything new or shifted.

A friend of mine sent me a fascinating book on Superstring Theory - "Elegant Universe". It's tough going, but it's proved greatly interesting. If I was better at math, I would seriously consider taking up physics as a hobby; as it is, I'll dabble in the theory side of things and trying to get my head around the odd concepts.

Braeburn being Braeburn, as soon as I put them in, he tried to climb out again. See, the reason I'll need the netting is they will bury themselves in tiny gaps, and I won't be able to get them out. In this photo, he was scaling the back wall, and wedged into a slim gap at the top; I had to dismantle all the lid and lighting to get him back out.

Quote of the day: "oh yes and I am very much a jammy toadsicle" - Brett O'P.

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