Monday, 18 June 2007

Cycles, College, Crap and Canaries...

Today must be a "C" day.

Need to get back into practise with the old bicycle, so rode to college. Arrived 15 minutes earlier than expected, and discovered that our roads are AWFUL. Full of potholes, and motorists have discovered lovely parking spaces just off their drives that the council kindly put down. They seem to be a little confused by the bike symbol in the middle of it, but free parking is free parking right?

Anyway, got to college, the whole class got yelled at because we're all useless (we're doing a diploma might I add), but I was very patient and quiet until said tutor had left, and THEN let forth a stream of violent verbatim. Which was cheered, might I note.

Cycling back home, making the last leg up the hill, I spotted a lady with a bike and an older gent looking at something. Hopping off as I roll on up, I spot it's a little yellow bird.


Yup, definitely - a canary. The man was trying to catch it, but it was a bit too quick, so offered my services. After 15 minutes of trying to coax it out of a tree, it finally succumbed to the temptation of the grass-seed and quiet talking. And walked straight out into the main road...!

Call me daft, but I stopped the traffic and herded him to the grass verge, then spent the next 10 minutes muttering reassuringly to him whilst edging closer and closer. Then dropped my coat on him.

Feel sorry for the little guy, it's quite heavy actually. But managed to get my hand under and grabbed him. Pondering what to DO with said little bird, the lady with the bike told me she kept budgies and had plenty of spare cages.

So there I was, bike in one hand, bird in the other - walking into the next village. It's not a short stroll, and wee canary finally stopped pecking at me. Actually, he got comfy, snuggled into my hand and tried to kip for the last few minutes.

So, canary now happy as a sparrow with plenty of dinner, and I got extra exercise. And pooped on. Wonderful.

Quote of the day: " *t'wack* " - C.Loftus (explanation: Slapping self on head)

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