Monday, 25 June 2007

Inclemency, Imbibements and In full swing!

Once again, I was woken at 6am. I thought someone had flushed the toilet, but slowly realised that the bathroom isn't outside my window. Oh, give me credit, it's a ridiculous hour to be up, and I'm never bright first thing! It dawned on me that it was raining again, and with some considerable force. Needless to say, on going to college, I looked like a drowned rat within seconds and the garden's turned into a lake. Pop a fountain in among the marigolds, and it'd be lovely. It's about 2" deep at the far right here, you can see the step is completely submerged.

Of course, in my usual, first-thing-imbecilic-state, I managed to confuse bottles in the fridge door and am now enjoying orange and ginger-beer, whilst looking for a new job several hundred miles away.

Have a new CV written up and a new email address for prospective employers to contact me on. *fingers crossed* I hate being out of work, it's very rare I am. Actually, last time was due to having one foot in plaster, but even then I was back early.

Within 45 minutes of emailing the first off, I got a telephone call. And the company wanted to know more! So I've sent them an attachment email with more details, when I'm moving etc, so fingers crossed that I'll hear back. The other two companies that said they'd telephone haven't, so will make a point of poking them tomorrow. Will miss my old jobs, but need to get a new one to pay bills.

It's consistently persisting it down, came off the bus to paddle through massive puddles. Even on my toes I still got water in my shoes...
And it STILL hasn't stopped raining. Yes, it's lapping around my doorstep. (And killed my aloe vera)

T'has been a good evening though, got the newts sorted, had some nice chats online (*grins* Yes, it's VERY warm in here and shall enjoy stealing some lucozade), and only have the axolotls to clean out before bed. Someone's hogging the bathroom, so no can do yet.

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