Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Traffic Lights, Tomes, Treats and Triops.

I know the orange light is supposed to flash, but this morning it took a turn for the weirder. ALL of the lights on the crossing were flashing. In perfect, normal sequence of course, just blinking on and off.

Spent the FULL DAY doing loose-leaf files. For those not familiar with loose-leaf files, these are huge reference folders, usually legal tomes. Obviously, as the law changes, some bits of the reference books need changing. To be more cost-effective, they make them so you can just take the old, out-of-date sheets out, and put new ones in, which arrive in the mail as part of a subscription every couple of months or so.

And when you have 16 of these muh-hassively chunky folders to pick through (about 6K pages each) it gets incredibly dull. Mind-melting. They should sell it as a form of religion, enter a state of somnambulistic, vacant bliss. Either that or as a medicine - you don't even notice the paper cuts after a while. Or the fact that the mouse is dropping staples all over when you try to click it. Oh dear.

Some bits are interesting though, I'm still not sure what this obscure line means, but it amused me enough to snap out of my stapler-mouse confusion. "Execution blocks: These are provided for UK incorporated and foreign companies" O4-125 Practical Commercial Precedents R.65:March 2007

You recall me saying on Tuesday that the boardroom had flooded? Well, it hasn't stopped raining, and now cashiers, some offices and the mens toilets have sprung leaks. But the fixing bloke turned up finally. Turns out the main problem was a plastic bottle had got stuck in the guttering/drain causing it to overflow and fill the flatroofing. Even better, it turns out the bottle was a milk bottle someone had put on the window sill to keep cool in the winter, forgotten about, and it'd blown off into the gutter. So six months later, it was a bottle of very mouldy cheese... Cor BLIMEY it STUNK. The flooding in the area is finally dropping, and the burst river is too, but there's another severe weather warning released for the weekend.

At least the wet didn't cause the Market problems, I managed to get some nice honeyed halva (crushed sesame seeds bound with honey to create a dry paste that looks like sawdust, tastes like the middle of a Toblerone, and melts like candyfloss; left it at work, bums) and some coltsfoot sticks. Coltsfoot is kinda like a cross between aniseed and liquorice - that sort of flavour. Yum-much.

I think I want some of these funky little guys too. Triops, aka Shield Shrimp - you have to admit, they do look weirdly cute, and would make a great addition to my collection of oddities.

Quote for today: "Hehe, I can pat myself on the back coz I'm double jointed in the shoulders..." - Evlsangel

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