Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Floods, Flirts and Ferocious Weather

An "F" day.

It's looking like a rum start to the week... Went into work today, to discover that the roof in one of the offices had sprung a rather nasty leak in the horrible, constant rain we've been having. It poured through the offices above, and into the expensive boardroom below.

The grand table, the antique cabinets, the ancient, delicate books - all waterlogged. The hessian carpet is completely ruined, but at least we managed to salvage some of the equipment. Some of the newer books are drying alright too, but printers are flaming heavy when you reach your half-dozenth...

It's been another entertaining evening though, being single is proving fun. Well, not exactly flirting, but certainly an intriguing discussion as always. Might keep the single-ness for a while - it's doing me the world of good... (The person in question, I'll be back tomorrow, shame couldn't have more time - *grins*)

And me oh my, have we had some weather for you again. Thunder, Lightning, absolute downpour - the WORKS. The patio is sunk under an inch of water AGAIN, but at least the power wasn't knocked out again. (Trying to trigger the fuses isn't easy, the cupboard's too deep and low for one my height!)

Anyway, I wonder if tomorrow will be just as different.
What a rum do indeed.

Quote for the day: "Nostalgia takes up too much storage space"-Dave K

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