Sunday, 24 June 2007

Confectionary Confusion and Key Lime Pie.

It's been a lazy, quiet day. Well, don't take "quiet" too seriously.

Was woken up at 7am by the lady next door playing old music. Bear in mind, I live in a detached house. She's going deaf, y'see. Shutting the double glazing mostly solved the problem, stuffing my head under the pillow cured the rest.

The bus was early, nearly giving me a coronary as I thought my watch might have stopped and I might be late for work! Work, as always, was fun; I like my job.

It was a dreadfully quiet day, but it meant that lots of stock got sorted. And to my confusion, discovering there was a mislabelled box. I brought down what I thought was diabetic's brazil nut toffee - and upon opening the sealed box, discovered fruit rock. Ummkaaaay. Will let you know what happens when I know.

The highlight of the day: Key lime pie. Mmmmm - refreshing. And I managed to convince my sister that the topping was made with custard, so she wouldn't like it... Meaning I got an extra slice before she did the sensible thing and read the box.

Quote for today: "I want to get a load of platic playpen balls and fill the bedroom with them!" - Sworn to secrecy, as he doesn't want his girlfriend finding out before he's got it done. I think you're nuts.

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