Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Clearance, Crackers and Crabitat!

I hope my clearance comes through soon though, work is going to drive me potty otherwise. I already tidied the four big cabinets (and labelled them), made several cups of tea, re-sorted three of the four huge filing cabinets(and put the files all in neat holder deelies), read 200 pages of yet another Doctor Who book...

Lucky me though, I get to sit next to the boss-man. And he STILL doesn't notice I'm completely unaware of the world; yup, I fell asleep again about 11am, I was that bored! Woke up with a start about 20 minutes later, and NO-ONE noticed!

Please, send me a tortoise, I'll get the paperwork to the other office the fast way. It's less likely to get lost too. I swear, you'd be chewing the table a loooong ago...

And does anyone know how I managed to cut myself on a peice of cracker? That one's really got me baffled.

I did get my Crabitat fountain completed - it's a little too powerful even on lowest setting, but when I get all the sand in the tank, I can angle it slightly so it works properly. It's one of my famous botch-it-and-see jobs, using a basic hydroponics pump, a fancy icecream tub because it was just the right size (and it was an excuse for us all to have icecream), a chunk of rock for the main body of the fountain and lots of pebbles to hide the lid of the icecream tub. Will look great when installed...

Quote of the day:
"Where's my frog?" - Naboo
"You smoked it last night." - Howard
"Oh yeah."
From The Mighty Boosh.

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