Monday, 6 August 2007

Wonderful! Wireless Working!

Hoorah, my internet works! I'm sat on my retentively tidily made bed, with my laptop merrily overheating because of the feather duvet - but it works! I managed to surf the net and get on here, as you can see.

Really need to poke my housemate to get him to empty all this chuff out of the little tables, so I can move everything round a few degrees to the right. (My room isn't holding up to my own personal Shui) Worryingly, I have just been informed that desk will not hold my tank... We shall see. I did the brave thing and sat on it. It didn't fall over, so I think we should be ok with my two axolotls on it. They might be fat little meffs, but they're not that fat.

My new (Swedish!) coathangers are doing a superb job of hanging a multitude of items, not just coats. I should have bought more really, to replace my old ones, as now these functional, sturdy black ones don't match my old ones... I've also completely trashed another pair of my trademark black trousers - I don't know how, or where from, but I have discovered there to be a big splot of superglue on the knee. Hmmm, attack of the mystery glue. I'm not going to start panicking just yet. If it happens again, then I shall begin to cower. Big thanks to for some randomness. Spot what's wrong...

I also got a form back this morning, and chased up the other one; so if all goes well, I should be stuffed in a cubicle this time tomorrow. Providing the good old Law d'Murphie doesn't decide to make another "You've Been Framed" clip from my life to show his mates.

Hurrah, have successfully moved the desk - my room is beginning to look much... calmer. My books are all in the wrong order as half are still missing, but that will be fixed when the rest turn up in a couple of weeks. Now that they're not in bags all over the floor, I can MOVE again!

Quote today: "I am multi-talented: I can talk and pee you off at the same time." - A t-shirt I saw.

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