Sunday, 5 August 2007

Flatpack, Foilsheets and a Flower (or two).

Chaos again, pure and simple! This morning, we all piled into the van to go to Ikea. And because there wasn't enough room - I had to go in the back. One point, we braked a bit hard and I went base over apex, rolling neatly backwards until I met the side.

I'm completely broke(ish) now - Ikea stole my last £10 for coathangers, a lampshade (as pictured) and some rocks for Frankie's Crabitat I'm still working on.

But we did get a new dining table, and lots of other essentials in flatpack form, which we've had great fun almost destroying trying to make sense of the instructions. But, all six chairs are now built and standing proudly with their white covers around a smooth birchwood table that doesn't quite match... Oh.

I had a complaint about my dark backgrounds today, so I said: "But they do stand out from the rest - and with CRT monitors, it's proven to be energy saving, so my websites are environmentally friendly!"

And then after a lot of messing about (yes we will go to the studio, when does it opne, oh no, we won't, well, perhaps we will, is next sunday any good, oh no, never mind, it's not for us) we finally got to the University to do another four hour sitting photoshoot. After a few hours of being the lighting rig, and holding various reflectors (we forgot the usual stand, so I did the standing, and stood in for it) I got a bit bored, and had a play with my Practika 5 and anything that was around. I'm really not a good photographer, but I liked this one, I managed to get the macro to work just nice, and didn't have to hold a single reflector! Well, until they wanted the gold-shine on the pool table for the next hour. Oh well. Apparently I make a reasonable stand. More adjustable than the metal version I'm told...

Bids are still going up on my ebay, check it out here at Penniless Creationists!

Quote for the day: "We're English, we wouldn't pee on the road in winter, in case the little birds tried to warm their feet..." - Myself, to my Australian friend, after he was looking on the UK eBay.

Apparently, FIGJAM. But DILLIGAF?

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