Saturday, 25 August 2007

Nothing Doing...

Ahhh the weekend! The joys of not having to work it, or really do anything WITH it.

I cleaned the tanks out today, tried out a harness design on Kuleana (whom is intelligent and quick enough to escape it) and have since mooched. What am I supposed to do with weekends? I haven't experienced very many, and I'm at a loss as to what to do with them...

Played peepo for a while too. Spot the dragon?

Spent an incredibly relaxing evening just listening to music, and being slept on by the dragon. He spent a full half hour on the back of my hand as I typed, and I then moved him to my shoulder inside my shirt where he would be safer and less disturbed. Two hours he stayed, out like a light.

Tomorrow (with a little luck) you can try some of the music I have been listening to of late. Please, turn it up, shut your eyes and breathe slow, "Vast Horizon", the one I'm trying to make work, is smooooooth. Nige, the artist, is a technical DJ magician.

I also spent quite a lot of time sorting out Kuley's dragonarium, giving him live plants (with the pots netted so he doesn't eat soil and get ill). He's really enjoying these, licking/eating bits of the parsley, sitting in the basil and sniffing/climbing the mint. Right now he's sat under the parsley plant, half asleep.

Today's quote: "Steady on, honey and bran are not colours. Last time I checked you weren't a B&Q paint guide." - Craig.

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