Saturday, 11 August 2007

Fears For Frankie, Amusment About Axolotls.

Wow, was I bricking it... For those that don't know, when a crab is overly upset/stressed etc, they often lose legs as a result. And seeing this carnage got me worried. As you can see, there's two long orange legs by his side, one hooked one behind him, and you can just make out his major claw laid in front of him. I'm going "Ohhhhh noooo..." by this point. I didn't move him, or take any more photos, because I don't want to upset him. BUT - all is well, all that's happened is that he's shed his exoskeleton, and not eaten all the bits yet; at the top of his shell you can just make out his new claws, in delicate pink! Moulting is a stressful time for hermits, so I'm going to leave him alone for a few more days, gives me time to finish building his crabitat. But it means he'll be all shiny and happy when it's done!

I got the axolotl tank moved up onto the two smaller tables today too, freeing up some valuable floor space. I had to chuckle though, the boys are nosy little creatures. There I was, merrily scooping out water with a spare pint glass (as 35kilos of tank is a bit dangerous to lift - the bottom might give out you see). So after emptying out the first bucket onto the tomato plants, I start filling up another one as Spyyk peeps his nose out to see what I'm doing. As I'm leaning down to say hello to him, Benny has crept out the other end of the tunnel, where I can't see him. I pulled my glass out to tip it into the bucket...

And found this! He seemed perfectly content, so I had to grab the camera. Looks as happy as a toad in there. Don't worry, I quickly tipped him back out into the tank. I swear Spyyk was laughing. But it's my turn to laugh now - Benny is trying to headbutt him out of the log hide. Poor Spyyk, he's gigantic (compared to Ben), covered in scars, and as soft as cotton wool.

Things look a little more organised in here, for now. Hmm. I do need to buy another adaptor though.

The mysterious pancake artist is back again, they obviously saw I had computer problems yesterday. And they've done me a glorious re-enactment especially. Why thank you, I'm impressed and very amused. I've not ever been awarded with personalised pancake carvings before... Mind you, it never occurred to me that there WERE such things before! So yes, I'm delighted to be the recipient of your.. um, culinary creations!

Got time to waste? Well, obviously you do if you're on here! Have a look here then, it really made me laugh. Note: Not all BestOfCraigsList is suitable for minors.

Free Garden Chairs!

Quote of the day: "Oh yeah, When I went in the shower, I found a nut that wasn't there before.
Then it fell off when I got out.
Go in with three, come out with two..." - NC

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