Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Daft Dragon, and Spontaneous Spoons...

Oyf, it's still slow at work. Went in at eight, so I could get a head start on this new time sheet, so I knew what I was talking about when the lady came to show us how to use it... And it wasn't working. So, myself and the techie chap both sat and stared at his dead computer for an hour and a half.

Well. He did. I fell asleep. Again. Oops.

Kuleana is sat on a leaf, looking at me. I'm sat on my bed, typing away, and he keeps tipping his head to see me. Hahahaha! He attacked his leaf! Now it's bobbing up and down and he's trying to hold on... I got him to drink when he was in the bath today, by holding water drops for him to lick off my finger, and he's also eaten about ten crickets (dusted with vits and calcium) but he's still not eating greens, but that's ok - what youngster does?! It's good fun feeding him though; a case of sticking him in a box with some dusted crickets, and he goes "YOMP!

So far, the lobster-roach colony (yes, more beasties, these guys are being bred as food for various animals) appear to have had a couple of babies, and have eaten quite a lot too. The crickets are slowly growing, but are still a little small (which is fine).

And a completely random and bizarre photo from Craig - he's got a knack with that funky camera! It's really worth checking out some of his other stuff. Quick strange fact for you, the Nigella Damascena can be used to repel insects from clothes and are given to treat intestinal worms and nerve defects to reduce flatulence, and induce sweating. Dried pods are sniffed to restore a lost sense of smell.

Risotto for dinner (overdose of celery...), followed by a hefty dose of The Mighty Boosh (spectacularly funny) and I only managed to hurt myself once - I put the newt tank on my fingers. Mmm, several kilos of glass, water, rock etc... But! I appear to have avoided the status of "pokeable" with my housemate Kat (she seems to like poking people) - but I think that's mostly due to my randomly handing her spoons. Spot her in the hallway: "Here, present for you." Spot her in the lounge: "Here, have a spoon." The only problem is that I'm running out of spoons...

Today's Quote: "You're about as edgy as a tangerine" - Vince Noir (The Mighty Boosh)

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