Thursday, 2 August 2007

Tasty Technology and Pukka Tucker.

Kat decided it would be a really good idea to make some custard this morning. She's never made custard before - as you can probably tell. It was good fun trying to blow custard powder out from the keypad of her phone (which was where the oblong is on the photo) and it's still sort of gummy. Mm, mobilicious. The custard turned out well, once I'd taken the sugar-jar off her. Very tasty, vanilla sugar works.

My mum came to visit me today! They all fell in love with Twix and Crunchie, and T&C fell in love with Mum. And then we went to Say Pasta - and BOY was it gooood! I had Spaghetti Aglio - garlic and mushrooms and bacon with some hellfire chillis (WHOO!), but ended up eating half of my sister's bolognaise because she'd been given an adult portion, and half of my brother's pizza because he's being a picky little toad, and then ended up with half of Mum's almond and chocolate torte because there was too much. This is alongside my own pudding of lemon tart and raspberry sorbet. And d'ya know what - I could still murder a sandwich. (Hollow legs, so I'm told.)

NEW: Because the eBay thing got so big, I've done a spinoff blog, read it here: The Penniless Creationists

Quote for the day: My brother - "Mum, what's sheep dip?" Mum - "It's like sherbert dip. But with wool. And no stick." Brother - "So nothing like sherbert dip at all then?" Mum - "No."

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