Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Muphy's, Monsters and McCoys!

If anyone wants to write a thesis on Murphy's Law, then I'm your ideal test subject. I'll rent out my Sod's Law abilities for a very fair price.

So, Day Two, I get there for Interview Take Two - and again, the interviewer doesn't. Turns out she'd been sent to the wrong branch, or I had, or something, no-one really seems to know. We got there in the end though, and it turns out it went well! Got out at 12, ordered a statement from my bank (so I have sturdier proof of who I am - ulike the taxman, they won't take blood.) and managed to get the bus home without getting lost. Having taken a few moments to scribble chuff in here, I'm just grabbing a yogurt and throwing myself out of the door and promptly into that vicious net of government paperwork.

Another completely pointless and distracting link. Oh, the fine art of procrastination...

I spent an hour or two playing with Twix and Crunchie (Crunchie is the one in front), and helping them finish shedding. They're in a play tank at the moment, to get some swimming and climbing exercise. Their normal tank is a box full of compost and coir, as tiger salamanders are "mole salamanders" - they LOVE to dig. They also love crickets, and being tickled.

I just got a call from NatWest! They're sending me some paperwork to fill out, and then I'm being called back in to see the management. I'm told this is a good thing... Makes me feel like my forms will be a spelling test.

Mmmm, tortilla. I have a whole one hanging out of my mouth as I type and it is good! Homemade salsa for a bit of kick, not sure about guacamole but the chicken filled it up nicely. Boy, we made a mess between us. Kat got sauce all over her knees, Dave's fell to bits, and mine dropped sour cream with a splat that went all up the cupboard next to me. Whoops.

Does anyone know where I can buy packets of flavouring that they put on crisps? I would REALLY like McCoys cheese and onion - if anyone knows, or has a question etc, feel free to email me:
indigo _ blue _ fish @ hotmail . co . uk

Today's Quote: "I have mastered the art of walking forward so he backs towards the door, until he is out. Then I shut it." - a friend of mine, dealing with a very awkward customer.

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