Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Butterflies, Boards and Boredom...

Well wudja believe it, Sod's Law got me again. I got there in very good time - then spent about two hours trying to find out who had all the paperwork so as I could get my security clearance... Then we discovered that my intra/internet and general computer clearance doesn't come through for a week. (Way to Gray for Burrfly, nice phone-tograph, nicely done mate - slightly less random than the occasional cheese.)

So I cleaned the whiteboard, nearly fell asleep, read lots of leaflets about security (oh the irony), nearly fell asleep, made a cup of tea, nearly fell asleep, popped a letter in a pigeon-hole, and managed to stay awake for a bit, then read my book until quarter to six. And I'm getting paid for it!

Today's Quote: "Now that I have said my middle name is Thomas, it is staying that way." - http://craigloftus.net/

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