Thursday, 9 August 2007

Qua = half a Quack?

Oy dear me, I kipped at work by accident again, finished one book, nearly finished another, and sorted the remaining cabinet out. Although for some reason, I have missed a drawer, so there's now a random empty one I haven't seen to. Oh well.

Dammit, sorry, just dropped all my paperwork.
Oh SOD IT ALL - now I've found the forms... I've lost my pen!
Oh. It's behind my ear.

And now my sister is laughing at me.
AND my housemates brutally attacked me with teatowels...
I'm giving this up as a dead loss, and will do forms at work tomorrow.

I accidently kicked my laptop earlier too, reaching for the plug and typed "qau".
Kat says it sounds like a duck shot halfway through a sentence. But then she's Russian.
Dave says it's a pigeon with a frog in it's throat. The homemade apple pie was good.
Personally, I recon it's like that noise you make when someone wakes you up at three in the morning and you can't work out what's going on.

Quote of the day:
"My grammar is appling!" - My sister. Proving her spelling is "appling" too.
"*appalling" - My sister correcting mistake.
"Too late. *yoink for blog*" - Me, amused.

"Ah poo" - My sister, cheesed.

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