Saturday, 4 August 2007

Crazy Cheerleaders and Finally, Furniture!

Because the eBay thing got so big, I've done a spinoff blog, read it here: The Penniless Creationists

This morning, Spyyk sulked at me. He doesn't like being moved around. But, we got the tank drained, and moved them both upstairs to make room for the new furniture! And Dave moved the Newt Tank into the Fish Room. Yes, I know they're not fish, but we needed somewhere to put them - and nearing 30 tanks in-house, space is a little limited. So there.

My housemate Kat (who can do the whole camera thing) dragged me to act as schlepper to a photoshoot. In other words, I was chief bag carrier, and sheepdog. Cheerleaders have a tendancy to wander off in different directions at the same time, if you don't keep herding them. Although she has promised me some of the final photos, so that's not so bad!

Cheerleaders are alright, but it's the complaining. "Nooooo, you can't have that shot, I look like a man *sobsob*!" and "Oh no, I'm so UGLY!" Ugh, for crying out loud. I got so cross, I snapped at her: "For gods sake, shut up, you're gorgeous - anyone will tell you that!" She kept whimpering, so I grabbed three blokes wandering past and went: "This girl thinks she's ugly. What do you recon?" And of course, "Nono, you're beautiful darl..." etc, etc. She went bright pink. HA. At least she shut up.
(I mean, seriously, this is only a photo I sneaked with my camera, not the professional ones with the big cams - but she recons she's ugly?! Crazy girl.)

The outside shoot was interesting, as the cheerleader laid out on the floor with the flowers is scared of ducks - and look! I thought it was cool, all the little squeaky noises. And the ducklings cheeping was sorta cool too.

We managed to catch a lift back in the van that was delivering our furniture (Hurrah, I have a bed, and wardrobes, and a desk, and tables!) but there wasn't enough seats. So I ended up with Kat sat on my knee all the way home. And now I've finally stopped, with a good cup of Orange Pekoe, collapsed on the new purple-ish sofa (which matches the bright orange carpet in ways you wouldn't believe...) admiring the matching chairs and large foot-stool-thing. Which now smell delicately of charcoaled chicken, as we forgot to shut the patio door - whoops.

Quote of the day: "I'm going to go, so I can ignore all the pretty cheerleaders." - David

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