Friday, 1 February 2013

Box-eyed Beardies...

Tsam has been watching Sir David Attenborough 's Ice Planet on Eden Channel with utter fascination.

Every time a new scene catches his attention, he twitches slightly as he adjusts to get a better look at it. The worn boulders in the ice field worried him slightly - he wasn't sure what it was.

All the lizards like watching David Attenborough's shows - they can see the TV from their tanks, and I can confirm they pay more attention to his programmes (particularly the Life series) than any other!

Haha! As I'm typing this, a different show came on. Tsam has realised it is no longer Sir David presenting/narrating... and he has lost interest! He has snuggled up on my shoulder to sleep now his favourite programme has finished!

Lawl! He started kicking me until I turned this other chap off... Funny sod.

Sir David Attenborough , I hope you're flattered - these dragons have declared that you are the best. They're also sending you a letter!

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