Friday, 21 June 2013


Vet says she's up and about, surprisingly cheerful, and to his astonishment has even had breakfast. I laughed. Of course she would have had breakfast - it takes more than opening her abdomen and removing large chunks from her insides to put her off her food.

Plus they've given her an anti-inflammation shot, which will take the worst off the pain. We have an appt on Sunday for another dose as well as another round of antibiotics.

11:00 GMT

Rich picked her up - she was still a little dozy and out of it, but happy nonetheless. It takes a lot to knock our Jam.

19:15 GMT
I've got home and am keeping a close eye on her - she's very tired, poor chickadee. Well, I'm not surprised, considering what she went through!

The vet is still being cautious - dragons with Jam's condition and such a large number of active follicles have a 50/50 chance of recovery. That's what he's said all along - but she's a tough little lizard. I have every confidence in her. She's got through the worst of it - she just needs to overcome the shock to her system and rest up. She's come through surgery and anesthetic, but she has a way to go yet he says. Rumour has it that Michael the Vet also took photos throughout the process - I'm hoping to snaffle some off him, as I'm sure they'll be fascinating.

The vet has told us it was absolutely the right thing for her. The egg binding problems and overproduction has a much higher death risk - it would simply be a matter of time.

She took herself back off to bed, having taken a butterworm as a quick snack; she didn't feel up to two, so has gone to sleep. She opened an eye and gave me a funny look when I put her log hut back in. I've coated it with black cotton so there's no sharp bits to snag her stitches on.

As I mentioned, she's due back on Sunday and Wednesday for booster meds, and a return trip in six weeks to remove the stitches.

20:00 GMT
Well, Jam was oblivious to the delivery unboxing (my lovely neighbour took 'em in, bless him. I owe him a cuppa) - unlike the rest of the dragons, whom promptly went insane having recognised the big white container I put the locusts in for storage.

However, I grabbed a good big one, and pointed it under her bed. Gave it a gentle nudge... suddenly there was a noise: shuffle ... shuffle shuffle ... CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH!

Three more juicy fat locusts rapidly went in the same direction in the gloom under the maple posted bed.

I'd say that was a good sign!

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