Thursday, 20 June 2013


She was taking her time waking up from the anaesthetic, but she's breathing on her own and has come through the surgery as well as expected. Michael (my vet) was a little concerned at her slow rousing, until I pointed out that she does like to sleep - it usually takes her an hour in the morning to realise the light is on and get up. (Random picture of her sleeping.)

He said that the level of follicles that were active was certainly abnormal - most of her abdomen was filled with developing infertile eggs, as both ovaries were in full production. He was a little worried about her prognosis due to this (it often complicates surgery and makes the recovery harder due to physical shock) - however I pointed out that this is also pretty normal for her, and she makes a rapid recovery after laying once the antibiotics kick in. She's also quick to eat once any infection is dealt with too.

He was actually a bit shocked by the sheer number of eggs. I took no joy in saying "I told you so". Well, maybe a little.

He also said that prior to surgery, she'd put on 100 grams since she was last in for her emergency treatment, however he's going to weigh her later to see how much of it was eggs.

As far as I'm concerned, weighing her was never a good guide for her health for exactly this reason. She recovered most of her headfat and bulked up her tail, so I'm happy she's in reasonable physical condition. As expected, she's staying in overnight for observation - I'll be calling in the morning to see how she's doing. It's most likely she'll be coming home tomorrow afternoon.

Jam had insanely active ovaries. Vet Michael says surgery was absolutely the right option, especially as she has had binding previously and repeated infections after laying.

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